Beyond The Guardrail

Welcome to "Beyond the Guardrails", where you’ll find my favorite photos, and the stories behind them. When Ken & I retired and set out to see the world, from our RV, we had one goal in mind: to see beyond what lay straight in front and behind us as we traveled the highways. In short, “Beyond the Guardrails”. Over the years, we made some changes in the original plan, but always with that goal in mind. A major change was loosing my husband of 45 years. Another was reconnecting with Mike, my high-school sweetie, after 52 years, and learning that we have much in common, including a love for traveling. My goal now is to live life to its fullest, taking photos along the way and sharing them with family and friends. I love hearing from my visitors, so please let me know you've been here. You can leave me a message in the form of a 'comment' on any single photo, or on an entire album. Or, you can email me by changing 'at' and 'dot' in this address to the standard characters: mazatlanlee AT gmail DOT com Thanks for visiting… Come back again!